About the app and when to use it

About the app and when to use it

The Check In Qld app is a contactless, free, secure and convenient way for people to sign into a Queensland high-risk location.

By using the Check In Qld app you’ll be:

  • able to check into locations without having to enter your details each time
  • able to show your proof of vaccination status to enter high-risk locations
  • protecting your own personal information—data is stored by the Queensland Government.

You can download and install the app (Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store).

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When to use the app

From 14 April 2022, you must check in and show proof of vaccination status when visiting or working at these locations:

  • hospitals
  • disability accommodation services
  • residential aged care
  • corrective services facilities
  • detention centres.

You must also check in and show proof of  vaccination status if you work at a school, childcare or an airport.

Last updated:
14 April 2022