Checking in visitors or staff

Checking in visitors or staff

From 14 April 2022, visitors and staff need to check in and show proof of vaccination status at these locations:

  • hospitals
  • disability accommodation services
  • residential aged care
  • corrective services facilities
  • detention centres.

Staff must also check in and show proof of vaccination status when working at a school, childcare or an airport.

You are not required to display QR code posters and getting people to check in if your business is not one of these high-risk locations.

Visitors checking in

Visitors must use the Check In Qld app to scan the QR code when visiting a hospital, disability accommodation service, residential aged care, corrective services facility or detention centre.

Visitors should display the successful check-in screen to you on entry. The screen will also show their vaccination status if they have shared it with the app.

You can manually check a visitor in if they don't have the Check In Qld app on their device.

Children who are under 16 years old and are not accompanied by a parent or adult do not need to check in.

Showing proof of vaccination status

Using the Check In Qld app

When a person checks into your location using the Check In Qld app, their confirmation screen will display:

  • a dark orange tick to show they’ve checked in, and
    • if they have added their COVID-19 digital certificate or have added their proof of a medical exemption or medical contraindication status—their name and a white tick on a green background, or
    • if they haven’t added their COVID-19 digital certificate—their name on a maroon background.

Using other documents

If a person hasn't shared their vaccination status with the Check In Qld app, they should be able to show one of these:

  • written confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination given to the person, such as a record of vaccine card
  • a COVID-19 digital certificate or printed vaccination certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register
  • an online or printed immunisation history statement for COVID-19, including confirmation of a medical contraindication
  • an International COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Staff checking in

Staff need to check in using the app if they work at any of these high-risk locations:

  • airports
  • childcare
  • corrective services facilities
  • detention centres
  • disability accommodation services
  • hospitals
  • residential aged care
  • schools.

If staff visit other businesses that have mandatory check-ins, whether during a break or while working, they must check into these businesses using the app. When staff return to their workplace, they must check in again.

Manually checking someone in

If a visitor or staff member can’t check in with the app or doesn’t have a smart device, you can check them in using the business profile section of the app.

To manually check someone in:

  • Go into your Business Profile and tap Check In Patron.
  • Add the customer’s details and tap Continue.
  • To check in any companions, move the button to Check In Additional People, add their details then tap Add Person.
  • Tap Check In With Guest.

If a person can’t provide a contact phone number or address (email or street address), you can request an alternative form of identification such as a Medicare card, Seniors card or other information that allows the customer to be located. You can enter this information to the street address field during the manual check-in and note the type of identification being captured.

All customer contact information is stored securely by the Queensland Government. If a customer has safety concerns about their contact information, they can make a complaint to the police.

Entering and leaving your business profile

To leave your business profile, open the menu from the top left and tap Leave Business Profile.

To go back to your business profile later, open the menu from the top left and tap Switch to Business Profile.

Switching between locations

You can switch between your locations by:

  • opening the menu from the top left
  • tap Change Venue
  • scan your venue QR code.

What if a customer refuses to check in or can't show proof of vaccination status?

You can refuse entry providing you have assessed the risk and are comfortable doing so.

Last updated:
14 April 2022