Checking the vaccination status of customers

Checking the vaccination status of customers

Customer digital vaccination status

From Friday 19 November, customers can add their COVID-19 digital certificate to the Check In Qld app, making it easier for them to provide proof of their vaccination status when they check in to businesses and locations that are restricted to fully vaccinated customers.

The new requirements will apply from 17 December.

From 17 December 2021, many Queensland locations and businesses will be restricted to fully vaccinated customers and visitors.

Customers who are 16 years or over must carry proof of their vaccination status and be prepared to show this upon request.

Read Queensland’s COVID-19 vaccination plans.

The updated Check In Qld app allows people to check in and display their COVID-19 digital certificate at the same time.

Let your customers know about the changes

You should take reasonable steps to enforce the restrictions and to inform customers about their obligations before they enter your premises.

You can:

  • display the vaccination rules at your business premises
  • ask for proof of vaccination from your customers at the time of check-in
  • promote the requirement on your website and social media channels
  • remind customers when they make a booking.

if a customer cannot or refuses to provide proof, ask the person to leave the premises.

if the person refuses to leave the premises, call the police.

Penalties for people refusing to comply are $1,378.50 for an individual.

Customer information displayed on the Check In Qld app

When a customer checks in to your business using the Check In Qld app, their confirmation screen will display:

  • a dark orange tick to show they’ve checked in, and
    • if they have added their COVID-19 digital certificate or have added their proof of a medical exemption or medical contraindication status—their name and a white tick on a green background, or
    • if they haven’t added their COVID-19 digital certificate—their name on a maroon background.

If they are checking in an unvaccinated guest, their name will display on a maroon background.

This could mean:

  • the customer is fully vaccinated but has not linked their COVID-19 digital certificate to the Check In Qld app
  • the customer is not fully vaccinated (i.e. has only had one dose)
  • the customer is not vaccinated (has had no doses of a COVID-19 vaccine)
  • the customer’s vaccination status is unknown.

You can ask to see a customer’s COVID-19 digital certificate, which they can display by tapping on their certificate.

You will be able to see their name, date of birth and vaccination status.

If a customer has a valid COVID-19 digital certificate, this means they are either:

  • fully vaccinated, or
  • have a medical exemption or medical contraindication.

In both instances, the customer’s confirmation screen will display a white tick on a green background.

Other ways customers can provide proof of vaccination

Customers can also display their COVID-19 vaccination status by showing a printed copy of their:

  • immunisation history statement
  • COVID-19 digital certificate.

Direction for businesses, activities and undertakings

Read the restrictions on businesses, activities and undertakings direction for a list of businesses where the Check In Qld app must be used.

Find information on registering and getting your starter pack, and on downloading the app.

Last updated:
26 November 2021