Customer check-in

Customer check-in

Customer digital vaccination status

From Friday 19 November, customers can add their COVID-19 digital certificate to the Check In Qld app, making it easier for them to provide proof of their vaccination status when they check in to businesses and locations that are restricted to fully vaccinated customers.

The new check-in requirements will apply from 17 December.

How do your customers and guests use the app

  1. Customers and guests will need a compatible phone or tablet device and ensure their internet connection is switched on.
  2. They need to download the Check In Qld app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  3. They will then register their and their regular companion’s details (required for the first time only).
  4. To check in, they need to open the Check In Qld app, tap ‘Check In Now’ and hover their device over the displayed Check In Qld QR code at the venue.
  5. If scanning the QR code doesn’t work, they can enter the 6 digit QR code number.
  6. They need to select the names of the people they are checking in or add any additional people with them as guests.
  7. When the check-in is complete, they should show staff the successful check in screen.

If your customers and guests can’t use the app, or don’t have a smart device, your staff can check them in manually.

Employees checking in

Staff need to check in using the app if it is mandatory for the business they work at.

If staff visit other businesses that have mandatory check-ins, whether during a break or while working, they must check into these businesses using the app. When staff return to their workplace, they must check in again.

How staff and business owners use the app

Manually adding customers and staff:

  1. To manually check in a customer or guest, go into your Business Profile and tap Check In Patron.
  2. Add the customer’s details and tap Continue.
  3. To check in their companions, move the button to Check In Additional People, add their details then tap Add Person.
  4. Tap Check In With Guest.

To leave your business profile:

  1. Open the menu from the top left and tap Leave Business Profile.
  2. To go back to your business profile later, open the menu from the top left and tap Switch to Business Profile.

If you have multiple venues, you can switch between them:

  1. Open the menu from the top left.
  2. Tap Change Venue.
  3. Scan your venue’s QR code.

Check the answers to common questions below, or for support, contact 134 COVID (13 42 68).

Frequently asked questions

  • Recording a check in time for customers at a venue is the most important, reliable and key information to enable contact tracers to focus their investigation.

    Recording a check out time for customers is not a requirement. It’s also impractical for hospitality and entertainment businesses to ensure all guests complete a check out process upon departing a venue.

    Contact tracing is more effective when based on the check in time as opposed to a check out time, which is more likely to be recorded inaccurately, or not at all, due to the difficulties involved in policing departures and ensuring customers remember to check out at the precise time of their departure.

  • Your patron should display the successful check in screen to you on entry to your venue. You can approach the patron and ask to see their check in history in the app to verify that their check in was successful.

  • Have your customers enter the 6-digit number on your QR Code poster. If there are still problems, you will need to electronically register the customer either through the Business Profile mode of the app.

    Note: do not use the business profile mode to record details of customers after they have visited.

  • Businesses can check in patrons who do not have a smartphone by using the ‘Check In Qld Business Profile Mode’ listed in the profile section of the app.

    Alternatively, if an accompanying person has a smartphone, they can add them as a guest on check in.

  • The app offers the ability for businesses to enter customer contact details via ‘Check In Qld Business Profile mode’ listed in the profile section of the app.

    If customers are unable or unwilling to use the Check In Qld App, businesses are to use the Business mode of the app to enter in customer details on their behalf.

  • Some patrons may find it difficult to provide contact information.

    If the person is genuinely of no fixed abode and no phone number or address is available, businesses should request an alternative form of identification such as a Medicare card, Seniors Card, or other information which would allow the individual to be located.

    This information can be added to the residential address field during manual check in, noting which form of ID is being captured.

  • Your passenger should display the successful check in screen on their smartphone to you. You can ask to see their check in history in the app to verify that their check in was successful.

    Should the passenger fail to show you their successful check in screen, the driver should ensure that they have undertaken reasonable efforts to ensure their passenger has checked in. For example, the driver has asked the passenger to confirm they have checked in and posters are on display.

  • Yes, you are within your rights to refuse the trip providing you have assessed the risk and are comfortable to do so. This would constitute a reasonable excuse for a taxi driver to refuse to provide a service under section 81 of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Regulation 2018.

    You can still complete the trip providing you have accepted the risk that this person is not willing to provide their contact information. It is recommended that you notify the booking entity that they haven’t completed check in on this occasion.

  • If a passenger or driver is not able to check in with the Check In Qld app (for example, they do not have a smartphone, internet connection or data available):

    • If the passenger is travelling with a friend or family member who has a smartphone, then they check them in using the Check In Qld App as a guest.
    • The passenger can provide their contact information to the driver in the Business Profile mode of the Check In Qld app. For more information on the Business Profile, please watch the how-to video.
    • The driver is not required to request a person’s contact information if the person is or appears to be younger than 16 years old and is not accompanied by a parent or adult who can provide information on their behalf.
    • If a person may be unable to use the Check In Qld app due to age, disability, language barriers or does not possess the technology or own a mobile phone. The driver must register the guest through the Business Profile mode.

    In unexpected circumstances where both the driver and/or passenger are unable to check in:

    • If the passenger books the trip in advance, the booking entity can keep a record of the trip (taxi, limo or rideshare).
    • If the journey is in a taxi via a taxi rank or hailed, before travelling, the passenger or driver can call the taxi booking entity to record the contact information who will keep a record of the trip.
    • The booking entity must follow the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction in relation to the collection and storage of contact information using another method due to temporary circumstances. For example, contact information must be stored in an electronic format and provided upon request to emergency officer and kept for a period of up to 56 days and not less than 30 days and then destroyed.
  • The Check In Qld app provides passengers with the ability to check in multiple people at the same time.

    For example, if a passenger rides with their family members who don’t have devices, they would register the additional people, including children as their guests when checking in. Alternatively, each passenger can check in with their own phone.

    Either way, the details of all passengers riding in the vehicle must be recorded.

Last updated:
18 November 2021