Setting up a business, vehicle or venue

Setting up a business, vehicle or venue

Using the Check In Qld app is mandatory for many businesses in Queensland and free to register and use For a full list of sectors that must now use the Check In Qld app, see Queensland Health’s Public Health and Social Measures Linked to Vaccination Status Direction.

How to register

Register your business

Complete the online form to submit your business registration. It can take up to 3 business days to process your request. You will then get an email with your starter kit that includes a business set-up guide and QR code poster.

If you haven’t received your starter kit email within 3 business days, check your junk or spam email folder first. If you still don’t have the email, call 13 COVID (13 42 68).

Registering vehicles

If you are registering a vehicle, please put your transport type first, followed by your vehicle registration number. For example:

  • Rideshare 523NL7
  • Taxi T12345
  • Limo L12345.

If you operate a mixed fleet, use ‘rideshare’ as your transport type. Do not include your rideshare booking entity or brand (for example, Uber).

If you’ve registered a vehicle but your QR code poster doesn’t align to this naming format, call 13 COVID (13 42 68) to get a new poster.

If you are the vehicle operator, you should provide your contact details, unless your booking entity has provided you with dedicated contact details for contact tracing purposes.

Registering multiple locations or vehicles

You will need to complete a separate registration for each location, venue or vehicle you have.

Get your starter kit

Once you get your starter kit:

  • download the Check In Qld app from Google Play or the App Store on your device and create a business profile
  • print your posters on A4 or A3 and display them in multiple accessible locations for customers to easily check in. See these suggestions for displaying QR codes in vehicles.

You can ask your customers and guests to show you the successful check-in screen or in their check-in history. You can also check a customer’s vaccination status if your business is restricted to fully vaccinated people only.

If customers can’t use the app or don’t have a smart device, your staff can check them in using the business profile mode on the app.

If any of your business details change after you submitted your registration (for example your business name or vehicle registration details), call 13 COVID (13 42 68) so that we can send you updated QR code posters.

Set up guide

The guide includes:

  • completing your business registration in the Check In Qld app
  • how to use the app in your business
  • how to check customers in through the business profile of the app on your device (if customers don’t have their own device with the app installed).

Video: how to use the app as a business owner or staff

Promotional resources

These messages and materials will help you promote the Check In Qld app to your customers.

Where to display QR codes in vehicles

The Check In Qld poster needs to be displayed inside the vehicle in areas that are accessible and visible to passengers, for example, on the back of the front seats.

It is strongly recommended that the Check In Qld poster is laminated so it can be wiped clean and lasts longer. Vehicle operators are responsible for printing out and laminating their own Check In Qld poster.

The Check In Qld team recommends fixing your posters to the locations seen below.

1. Passenger-side dashboard.
2. Back of each front seat.
3. Inside of each driver and passenger door, if you print your poster smaller.
4. To the front doors and fixed windows in the back of wheelchair accessible taxis, including the fixed glass to the right of the wheelchair lift.

Last updated:
25 January 2022