Check In Qld is no longer required

Check In Qld app is no longer required

From 1am AEST Thursday 30 June 2022, checking in at locations in Queensland is no longer required. We want to thank you for using the Check In Qld app to help keep Queenslanders safe.

Vaccination status

Some businesses may still ask you to show your vaccination status. This is no longer required under any public health directions, however you can still use the app to show your vaccination status or you can find other ways to show your vaccination status if needed.

Your data

The data will no longer be collected by the Queensland Government. The app will still work as normal, but any check-ins will only be recorded on your device.

For businesses

There is no further need under any public health directions to ask customers to check in to your location. All QR codes and posters related to Check In Qld can be removed.

There is no need for your business to cancel your Check In Qld registration.

If you still need customers to provide their vaccination status on entry, there are several ways customers can do this. The Check In Qld app will still be available for customers (just not collecting the data), or customers can access their vaccination certificates in other ways.

Last updated:
1 July 2022