Approved COVID Industry Safe Plans

Approved COVID Safe Industry Plans

If the COVID Safe Business Framework applies to your industry or business you are required to operate in accordance with it—see the Restrictions on Business, Activities and Undertakings Direction.

Any business or organisation that is in one of these industries is welcome to download and follow their approved COVID Safe Industry Plan and complete the Statement of Compliance to demonstrate you are undertaking best practice as a COVID Safe Business.

COVID Safe Industry Plans are not for use by individual members of the public. These plans are specifically for business use only.

Should you need to discuss any aspect of an approved industry plan please contact the relevant industry body or lead agency.

If a business chooses not to utilise the provisions of their COVID Safe Industry Plan, it must operate under the relevant conditions listed under the Roadmap and the Public Health Directions. This may include limiting the number of customers on site, completing a mandatory COVID Safe Checklist and training.

For more information on COVID Safe Industry Plans, please visit COVID Safe Businesses.

COVID Safe Events

If hosting a COVID Safe Event, event organisers should monitor the list of approved COVID Safe Industry Plans above to determine whether their event (or specific parts of their event) is covered by one or more specific COVID Safe Industry Plans and/or for guidance on measures to be implemented in relation to the particular activity. Event organisers must ensure compliance with these approved COVID Safe Industry Plans for the relevant components of your event, including any specific requirements regarding approvals.

Should you have any queries relating to the Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events contact the Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation.

For more information about COVID Safe Events, including the Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events, please visit COVID Safe Events.

Last updated:
17 November 2020