Outdoor Sports

COVID Safe Industry Plan for
Outdoor Sports

COVID Safe Industry Plans are not for use by individual members of the public. These plans are specifically for business use only.

Under Public Health Directions you must have a COVID Safe Industry plan showing how your business will keep your patrons and staff safe.

There is one plan per industry and each plan includes a COVID Safety Checklist. The plan available on this page will always be the most recent.

Step 1

Download your COVID Safe Industry Plan

Follow the instructions as per your industry plan requirements on what documentation you need to display along with your Statement of Compliance.

COVID Safe Industry Plan for Outdoor Sports

Step 2

Display your Statement of Compliance

Download, sign and display a Statement of Compliance for your business.

Statement of Compliance

Contact the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport if you need to discuss any aspect of an approved industry plan.

Last updated:
3 February 2021