Queensland border restrictions

*Quarantine-free flight

A quarantine-free flight only carries passengers who have declared they have been in New Zealand for 14 days or more and have not been in a COVID hotspot in New Zealand in the last 14 days before travel. Quarantine-free flights will be determined by your airline.


Queensland border restrictions

Border restrictions help protect Queensland against COVID-19, and when outbreaks occur enhanced border control measures, including border passes and identification screening may be put in place.



You do not need a border pass to enter Queensland from any Australian state or territory.

New South Wales

From 1am AEST Friday 7 May 2021, restrictions will apply to anyone entering Queensland who has been to any of the exposure venues in New South Wales.

Restrictions may also apply if you are already in Queensland but visited the Greater Sydney region on or after Tuesday 27 April 2021.

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Queensland also has current contact tracing alerts and related public health advice for people who have been in areas including:

  • The Brisbane Airport - International Terminal on 29 April 2021
  • Melbourne Airport, Victoria on 21 April
  • Perth and Peel regions of Western Australia on or since 17 April
  • New Zealand on or since 17 April.

Check current contact tracing alerts.

New Zealand

From 9.59pm AEST Sunday 18 April 2021, unrestricted travel between Australia and New Zealand will be allowed, without the need for quarantine on either side. Certain requirements will need to be met by travellers.

Current contact tracing alerts are in place for anyone who has been in New Zealand on or since 17 April 2021.

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Border restriction updates

Stay up-to-date with the requirements for entering Queensland—if you’re planning on travelling, or have already arrived, check to make sure you're aware of the latest updates.

Travelling to Queensland

You can enter Queensland from any Australian state or territory.

  • There are no COVID-19 hotspots in Australia.
  • The Queensland Border Declaration Pass system is not active. You do not need a border pass to enter Queensland.

However, if you have been in an interstate exposure venue during the exposure period you must quarantine for 14 days in a government arranged accommodation when entering Queensland. If you haven’t been to an interstate exposure venue, you must monitor the venue list for 14 days after you arrive in Queensland.

If you are already in Queensland when an interstate exposure venue is declared, you must:

  • call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84).
  • immediately travel by private transport directly to your home or accommodation and quarantine until you receive instructions from Queensland Health.

You should monitor interstate exposure venue lists until you have been in Queensland for more than 14 days.

Find out more about the Interstate Exposure Venues Direction .

Travelling from or through a COVID-19 hotspot

If you have been in a hotspot within the last 14 days or since the hotspot was declared (whichever is shorter), you are no longer able to quarantine in Queensland and will be turned away at our border—unless you are exempt under the definitions within the Border Direction, which include:

  • you’re a Queensland resident or are moving to Queensland
  • to fulfil shared parenting and child contact arrangements
  • obtain essential health care, or as a support person to a person obtaining essential health care.

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Travelling from Queensland

If you’re travelling from Queensland it’s important to understand what restrictions apply to domestic travel. Find helpful information on what you need to do to travel into other states and territories, including applying for border passes.

If travel advice changes, you may need to cancel or amend your travel plans on short notice.

Last updated:
6 May 2021