COVID-19 Rescue Package

Rescue packages, major funding and support programs

The Queensland Government’s $7 billion COVID-19  rescue package includes:

  • Health – $1.2 billion to expand fever clinics, emergency department capacity, acute care services and regional aeromedical services for remote communities.
  • Business and Jobs
    • Jobs assistance – $500 million for workers and businesses who lose their  job or income, including the creation of the Jobs Finder portal.
    • Jobs  support loans – A $1 billion concessional Jobs Support loan facility  interest free for the first 12 months, to support businesses to keep  Queenslanders in work.
    • Payroll  tax relief–  Up to $950 million including refunds, payment  holidays and deferrals for eligible businesses.
    • Tax  exemption – for JobKeeper payments.
    • Commercial Tenants – $400 million support for  retail and commercial tenants delivered as land tax relief and payment  deferrals. To apply, visit
  • Bill relief – $500 million for households and businesses, including a $200 credit for all 2.1 million Queensland homes to offset the cost of water and electricity, and $100 million in electricity bill rebates for eligible small-medium businesses.

The Queensland Government is also providing:

  • Housing and homelessness – $24.7 million to deliver accommodation, funding for homelessness providers, and enhancements to the Home Assist Secure program.
  • Support for NGOs - A $28 million COVID-19 Grant Fund for the non-government sector to provide services to those affected by mental health, drug and alcohol issues, and Indigenous people. $3.5 million for Lifeline to continue its life saving counselling services, and $1 million for Legacy.
  • Support for business and industry – $27.25 million to assist business and industry with resilience and recovery strategies, targeted financial support and counselling. It includes fee relief through to July 2020 for tourism operators in National Parks impacted by decreased patronage.
  • Farming – $14.7 million, (approximately $2300 per farmer), invested in 2020-21 to keep water prices low for irrigators.
  • Arts – $10.5 million to assist small-medium arts organisations. Visit for details.
  • Domestic and family violence – $7.5 million to meet the demand for domestic and family violence services.
  • Far North support – $2.3 million to support Far North port businesses, providing rental relief for the region’s tourism, resource and seafood sectors.
  • Transport – A $54.5 million passenger transport assistance package for regional bus, ferry, aviation services and personalised transport industry to ensure the sustainability of essential transport services during the COVID- 19 pandemic.
  • State land rent relief – The Queensland Government will waive more than $33.8 million in State land rent for 1 April to 30 September 2020 which applies to Land Act lessees, licensees or permit to occupy holders who conduct a business on state land.
  • Resources sector – The Government will also waive rent for 12-months on exploration land due between 1 April and 1 September and has also frozen fees and charges until 1 July 2021. The Government has also brought forward $2.8 million in grant funds for innovative exploration in the North West Minerals Province.

Last updated:
6 April 2021