Townsville regional economic plan

Townsville Regional Economic Recovery Plan

Townsville stadium

Our vision for Queensland’s recovery from this pandemic is threefold—we are working to protect the health of every Queenslander, we are creating jobs, and we are working together to create the conditions for future success.

Our regions are the key to building Queensland’s economic recovery. It has taken a collaborative effort from every region to shape our plan for the future. We will continue to partner—with governments, industries, businesses and communities—to navigate this new world for future growth.

The Townsville region spans the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the great Queensland Outback. It has a proud heritage founded on agriculture, resources, Australia’s largest military base, a major port and world-class educational institutions.

In the Townsville region, we will invest in enabling infrastructure for water, tourism, transport and exports, driving jobs and economic growth.

Last updated:
23 September 2020