Roadmap to easing Restrictions


An outdoor area:

  • has fixed or temporary boundaries
  • is not fully enclosed, i.e. is open to the elements and natural ventilation (significant amount of natural and unrestricted air movement required for most of the time area is in use)
  • can include a veranda, balcony, deck, patio, or similar structure that might be connected to an external wall of a building
  • can have a roof, awning, or eave
  • may include a rotunda, tarpaulin or shade structure situated in a larger open space.

An outdoor area does not include:

  • atriums internal to a building, internal courtyards or similar
  • a temporary or permanent marquee, unless marquee walls are lifted for the duration of the event
  • a tent, e.g., a circus tent or performance tent.

Use of curtain walls, panel walls or other fittings to fully enclose an area to protect from the elements is considered indoors.

Sometimes Queensland weather may require curtain walls, panel walls or other fittings to be used for short periods to partially enclose an area for patron comfort and safety. If a business is in doubt, it should operate as if it is an indoor space.


*Quarantine-free flight

A quarantine-free flight only carries passengers who have declared they have been in New Zealand for 14 days or more and have not been in a COVID-19 outbreak location in New Zealand in the last 14 days before travel. Quarantine-free flights will be determined by your airline. You should not travel if you are feeling unwell or have signs or symptoms of COVID-19.


Roadmap to easing restrictions

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Queensland’s COVID Safe Future

The Roadmap provides sensible and gradual steps to a COVID recovery that will reconnect our communities and keep our economy moving by supporting business, industry and Queensland jobs.

Queensland’s COVID Safe Future
(From 1am Friday 22 January 2021)

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  • How far we’ve come

    Due to Queenslanders’ hard work, strong borders, testing and rapid response, restrictions have eased.

    • We can go for dinner or drinks at our favourite pubs, clubs, cafés and restaurants.
    • Our kids can go to school and play sport.
    • All Queensland businesses and activities are able to open and run with appropriate measures in place.
    • We can attend both big and small events.
    • We can travel freely across Queensland, staying for as little or as long as we like.
    • Visitors and returned travellers from other states and territories can enter Queensland without having to complete mandatory quarantine.
    • We have a multidisciplinary team of experts prioritising exemptions for medical reasons.
    • We can have gatherings in our homes and public spaces across Queensland.
    • We can dance at weddings and school events.
    • Our elderly can enjoy excursions from aged care facilities.
  • Current restrictions

    • Gatherings: 50 people allowed to gather in homes and 100 in public spaces across Queensland.
    • Indoor premises: One person per 2m2 (e.g. restaurants, cafés, pubs, clubs, museums, art galleries, places of worship, convention centres and Parliament House), including standing eating and drinking. Indoor play areas and unattended amusement and wellbeing machines) within a premises can open with a COVID Safe Checklist.
    • Wedding ceremonies: Up to 200 people can attend a wedding and all guests can dance (both indoors and outdoors).
    • Funerals: Up to 200 people can attend a funeral.
    • Indoor events: 500 people permitted at indoor events with a COVID Safe Event Checklist. Larger events require a COVID Safe Plan.
    • Ticketed venues: 100% capacity at seated, ticketed venues with patrons encouraged to wear masks on entry and exit (e.g. theatre, live music, cinemas, indoor sports, universities and other higher education institutions). Performers can distance from audience at 2m, except choirs which remain at 4m from the audience.
    • Outdoor events: 1500 people permitted at outdoor events with a COVID Safe Event Checklist. Larger events require a COVID Safe Plan.
    • Open air stadiums: 100% seated capacity (with a COVID Safe Plan). All patrons encouraged to wear masks on entry and exit.
    • Dancing: Dancing is allowed in all indoor and outdoor venues including outdoor music festivals, pubs, beer gardens, clubs and nightclubs, subject to the one person per 2m2 rule.
    • Contact tracing information: All hospitality industry businesses (i.e. pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafés) in Queensland must comply with electronic contact information collection requirements.

    Further changes from Wednesday 17 February 2021:

    • Large lectures in universities and other higher education institutions (such as TAFEs and RTOs) are now allowed up to 100 per cent capacity if seating is ticketed and allocated.


    You must wear your mask when at an airport or on a domestic or international flight departing or arriving in Queensland.

    While not mandatory, you are encouraged to:

    • carry a mask with you at all times when you leave home
    • wear a mask when travelling on public transport, in a taxi or ride share or in shopping centres
    • wear a mask in any indoor or outdoor space when physical distancing is not possible.

    More information on masks is available from the Queensland Health website.


    More information about borders, hotspots and travel can be found on the Queensland Border Declaration Pass website.

    If there is community transmission in Queensland, measures in impacted parts of the State may include:

    • Reducing gathering limits in homes and public spaces
    • Increased use of masks
    • Aged care, disability accommodation, hospitals and corrections restrictions put in place
    • Increased use of PPE in aged care facilities and hospitals
    • People need to be seated in indoor venues
    • Places where dancing is permitted reduced.

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The 'New NORMAL'

Maintain physical distancing (1.5m)
Wear a mask when distancing is not possible (or required under Health Directions)
Maintain good hand hygiene
Stay at home when sick
Collection of contact details to allow for effective contact tracing
Rapidly responding to outbreaks
Travel restrictions from hot spots
COVID Safe Plan or Checklist in place

What the Roadmap means for Queensland’s businesses and events

Restrictions are in place for businesses and undertakings in Queensland.

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19 February 2021