Industry plans for sport, recreation and fitness organisations

Industry plans for sport, recreation and fitness organisations

The sport, recreation, and fitness industry has developed industry plans on behalf of their various industry segments. Industry plans developed by peak bodies allow for a cohesive and collaborative approach, so activity is able to return in a safe and controlled manner.

Industry COVID Safe Plans played an integral role in some sport, recreation and fitness activities resuming under Stage 2 easing of restrictions. Under Stage 3, where an Industry COVID Safe Plan exists, organisations must comply in order for standard activity to be conducted.

All organisations within the industry can access these plans (regardless of membership to an industry body).

There is no requirement to seek approval on sport specific return to play documentation from the Department of Housing and Public Works or Queensland Health prior to recommencing activity.

Any organisation undertaking activity in accordance with an industry plan must print, sign and display a Statement of compliance.

Moving to Stage 3, the Industry COVID Safe Plans remain largely unchanged, however Stage 3 Principles have been adopted and included in the plans.



Fitness and dance


The Department of Housing and Public Works and Stadiums Queensland have worked in collaboration with the Chief Health Officer to develop site-specific COVID Safe Plans for individual stadiums.

Measures being enforced at stadiums to protect the health of spectators and staff include:

  • crowd capacity will be up to 25,000 spectators or 50% capacity (whichever is lesser)
  • extra cleaning and sanitisation of high traffic areas such as handrails
  • seating plans of segmented zones
  • dedicated facilities and exits to reduce potential for virus spread.


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Last updated:
10 July 2020