Back to business – Unite and recover the Queensland way

Back to business – Unite and recover the Queensland way

With Stage 3 easing of restrictions now in place and more businesses opening up, more people allowed in venues, and more people returning to work – Queensland will see a huge surge in activity over the coming months. Many industries also have approved COVID Safe Plans, which help businesses show the health authorities and the community that they are able to operate in a COVID Safe way.

As we enter into this new normal, and get back to doing the things we love, we all have a role to play in helping businesses to recover.

Support your local and buy Queensland

Let’s all unite and recover the Queensland way, by buying Queensland. We know Queenslanders are doing it tough. That’s why we need to focus on strengthening and growing Queensland jobs and our state’s economy.

We are asking you to support your local businesses to get back on their feet – book a holiday, go to a restaurant, club or café and start back at your local gym or community sport class – but keep in mind it might take some time for businesses to get back up and running.

Be patient, be kind

It’s important to remember that everyone is doing their best, especially those working hard to get back to business. There might be longer than usual wait times, lower stock levels or important instructions to follow to keep everyone COVID safe.

As Queenslanders we are good at taking care of each other, so help us get back on track:

  1. Be kind to staff and to each other as more businesses begin to reopen
  2. Be patient if there are delays and if you’re asked to physically distance or wash your hands
  3. Comply with COVID Safe requirements such as giving contact information. Businesses are trying to keep you safe.

By doing these three things, you are helping businesses to keep up the fight against COVID-19, while supporting our economy and giving Queenslanders more freedom to do the things they love.

Resources for business

More information is available on how businesses can be COVID Safe, as well as a list of approved COVID Safe Industry Plans.


Need more information? Call 134 COVID (13 42 68).

Last updated:
3 July 2020